Heiðrik á Heygum and Greta Svabo Bech release duet for Christmas

Heiðrik á Heygum and Greta Svabo Bech, both musicians from the Faroe Islands, have just released a nice little duet entitled “Tasty Tears”. We spoke with Heiðrik about that collaboration.

Heiðrik-á-Heygum-and-Greta Svabo Bech

Heiðrik, how did it happen that you collaborated with Greta Svabo Bech?

Well, I´ve been writing music for a long time now and have worked with a lot of fellow artists from the Faroe Islands – with Janus from BYRTA, Guðrið Hansdóttir, Høgni Lisberg and a lot of other artists. I love Greta’s stuff so I asked if she was interested in working with me. She was up for it, so I went to her place in Miðvágur to write music. Suddenly we had a duet. It wasn´t really the plan but it worked out great.

What is “Tasty Tears” about?

It´s about holding on to something that´s long gone. Bitter sweet tears – you know, hoping to be back together with someone. Hoping, wishing.

Where was the video shot and who did it?

We filmed it ourselves in Greta´s house where we wrote the song. I filmed her and she filmed me. There were no lights, no nothing. Very real.

Where is the song available?

It´s just a video for now.

So it´s like a Christmas present for the fans?

Yes, it is. “Tasty Tears” is a very cute and cozy song. So we thought we should just release it for Christmas. We simply want people to enjoy it on the internet.