Holiday Season Dinner Menu: World’s Best Gravy Sauce

I learned this recipe for the best gravy sauce from my mom and it is the best gravy I have ever tasted! The nice and rich flavour for this gravy is achieved with few special ingredients: Cranberry or Red Currant Jam adds some kick to it and a little bit of sour taste for the background, soy sauce gives the full body saltyness and Parmesan cheese softens and brings all the flavours together! I have also used blue cheese a few times instead or with the parmesan and that works great also if you are a fan of blue cheese!

best gravy sauce

Best gravy sauce

Stock from baking the chicken (I had approximately 3 cups)

~ 3-4 dl Heavy Cream
2 tbsp Cranberry or Red Currant Jam
1 cup of Grated Good Quality Parmesan
2 tbsp Soy Sauce
Something to thicken the sauce with (Beurre manié, Corn Starch or Milk and Water Mix)

1. Heat up the chicken stock to boil and add the sauce thickener you have chosen. Mix until smooth and thickened.

2. Add the parmesan, soy sauce and jam. I would then add half of the cream and mix well until the cheese has melted. Check the flavour. Add any of the ingredients if needed. The amount of the jam, cheese and soy sauce depends a lot on how much chicken stock you have and in what ratio you have added the wine, butter and lemonjuice and also if you have used salted or unsalted butter.