Cake Recipe: Brunsviger

Cake recipe: Brunsviger 

Brunsviger is a traditional Danish cake recipe that’s very popular on the island of Fyn.  Actually, you can always count on people from Fyn to have a very definite opinion on how a brunsviger cake has to be made (and taste!). It’s almost a religious question how Danes – and the people of Fyn – like their brunsviger best. We have tried taking the best from quite a number of good recipes and came up with the one below. Brunsviger is basically yeast dough with a topping made of butter and brown sugar. Some people serve brunsviger with candy (such as winegums and liquorice – preferably Matador Mix from Haribo) sprinkled on top, some cut out the cake to look like a man or woman and serve it at children’s birthdays, and some people – particularly those from northern Jutland -prefer their brunsviger decorated with whipped cream.

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