Recipe: Something Sweet

You know the feeling after eating a filling brunch with salty delicacies when you crave something sweet? I do. I whip up brunch at home almost every weekend and usually like to eat something sweet in the end. This is a simple recipe for you to try.

Something Sweet

Yoghurt and Fruit Cup

Please feel free to use any fruit, I used one of my favorite combinations: fresh strawberries and bananas

3-4 dl (approx. 1,5 cups) yoghurt (you can use either turkish plain yoghurt or something with a flavor)
1 banana
2 dl (1 cup) fresh strawberries

Take a pretty bowl or a wine glass. Pour yoghurt to the bottom, add muesli and fruits in layers until the serving bowl is full. You can garnish the dessert with little bit of fresh mint, if you wish.

Serve and enjoy immediately.