New looks by bloggers – Nordic Noir

Take a look at this weeks lovely new looks from our Nordic bloggers. With hints of magnetic shades of black, making any outfit look effortlessly chic. Which is your favorite?

new look

Blogger, Denmark: Ilirida Krasniqi from “Iliridak” – photo from blog.

new look scandinavia

Blogger, Iceland: Elísabet Gunnars from “Trendnet” – photo from blog.

new look

Blogger, Finland: Christa Kononen from “Christa Könönen” – photo from blog.


Blogger, Norway: Celine from “Into Dust” – new look photo from blog.


Blogger, Sweden: Max Westin from “Radar Magazine” – new look photo from blog.


Blogger, Norway: Marianne Theodorsen from “Styledevil” – new look photo from blog.