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Icelandic singer and songwriter Ósk has us spellbound by her music, it is intimate and enchanting. Þorbjörg Ósk Eggertsdóttir had the classical background by starting to play on piano when she was eight to her early teens, after that she found the piano a easy form to compose her own music. In high school/collage she kept busy by joining the choir, and the school theatre band, where she played zyntha. That all led to her joining a band with her friends, they played various gigs in Iceland and one in London, the band went on for two years. There was no turning back from that.

One Christmas Ósk got a guitar as a present from her mother and father, which she barely touched for one year when she decided that she wanted to play it really well, it has not been put down since. Then it was one of those days when Ósk sat in the sofa playing on her guitar that her first song was born Peace Of Mind and the other songs came one by one. Before she knew she was performing again, playing and singing as Ósk.

Ósk has done two tours with her friend Brynja where they each play their own songs and one on her own around Europe. First tour they went together and visited friends all over Europe and found performance spot through them. Next tour Ósk went by herself and third time they went together again. Learning from each tour, same concept but each time it got bigger, from playing in someone’s house to bars and even movie theatre. Ósk enjoys being on tour, the adventure of playing her music in various places and countries and meeting new people. She draws inspiration from the people around her and the musicians that inspire her are Emiliana Torrini, Múm, Alt-J and Sufjan Steves. Currently she is working on her first album going through her vast collection of songs and finding inspiring people to work with.

Until her DP album is launced you can listen to her music on soundcloud HERE and youtube HERE.

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