Holiday Season Dinner Menu: Grape Jelly

This jelly works perfectly with our holiday season dinner menu. It can be served with the stuffed chicken and it works perfectly also in the gravy sauce. Jelly is super easy to make and home-made grape juice makes it super tasty. Try this Jelly also with any game meat!


This is what you need:

3,25 dl Grape Juice (I used home-made)

175 g Sugar

12 g (half a bag) Blue Melatin or similar ingredient to set the jelly

1. Heat up the juice with the sugar in a pot.

2. Mix the melatin and 2 tbsp sugar and add them with the hot juice. Cook for 1 minute. Be sure to start timing after the entire liquid starts to boil.

3. Remove the pot from the stove top. Scoop any foam away that might have formed on the surface.

4. Fill up sterilized glass jars with the jelly and close the jars immediately. Cool down the jars quickly.

Store the ready jelly jars in a cool place.