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Added to our daily skin care routine it’s nice to give your skin little extra care every now and then. Now that I’m on a mission to find out the best and purest organic skin care tips I wanted to see if I could find 100% organic way to do a spa facial treatment at home. Meaning face cleaning, scrub, moisturizing mask and then a good skin care product to use afterwards.

I know some women who spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars or euros to extravagant spa treatments yearly. The question is, is this really necessary? Do we really need all those products and treatments? Or are just led to believe we do?

Often times organic products, whether it’s food or cosmetics, are assumed to be more expensive than the regular cosmetic products. The truth is though that you can not base your judgment on what’s a good product or bad product on the price tag. It is clear that good quality ingredients like pure oils cost more than for example cheap and terrible mineral oils that regular cosmetic products are full of. However I have come to notice that you can find inexpensive and very good quality organic products as well.

The thing is also that before I would spend euros after euros to all kind of different cosmetics, lotions, toner, scrubs, self-tanners, you name it. Now after doing all this research about cosmetics I have come to notice that we don’t actually need all those 30 something jars in our bathroom to look pretty. It is just a clever way for the cosmetic industry to think we do.

I have realized that after paying attention to what kind of products I use I actually spend much less money on the beauty products. Added to the fact that I have noticed I don’t need a huge line of products, it is actually hard to find good quality pure organic products since there simply is not that many out there. Before I would go to a beauty store and grab always few new jars to go, but now that simply doesn’t happen anymore. It makes me happy since I feel like I’m using much less money on cosmetics and I also feel that my skin looks healthier than ever plus it makes me feel good thinking that I’m not over loading my body with very unnecessary chemicals.

So enough of me preaching about the goodness of organic products, let’s check out the organic spa treatments I have found. I was able to stop by at the Flow Cosmetics Factory and interview the experts on what kind of products to use. I got introduced to fabulous products that were completely new to me and I was able to get a few samples with me to try out at home how the products work. It was wonderful to see how openly they were willing to tell me about their products and show how each individual product was made. I was impressed.

diy home spa

1. Start your spa treatment by removing your make-up.

I have come to the conclusion that organic olive oil/cold pressed organic coconut oil with an organic face soap is the best way to remove makeup. So start by wiping your face with a cotton pad dipped in the oil. After that wash your face with warm water and apply the face soap on your face. Wipe your face gently with a cotton towel.

diy home spa

2. Scrub or not to scrub?

While visiting different estheticians I have noticed that people don’t seem to agree on whether exfoliating your skin is good or not. Some think that using exfoliating scrubs are bad for the skin and unnecessary. Some on the other hand think that a gentle scrub is great because it allows the moisturizing products to absorb better in the skin.

I think O’Connor and Spunt made a good point in their book No more dirty looks saying that “If there are dead skin cells on the surface of our skin, it’s because nature wants to protect the more delicate skin beneath. Over time, these will slough off on their own, when they are good and ready.”

But since there does not seem to be really one clear opinion on this I decided to try a completely DIY face scrub. The thing with scrubbing is that since it enhances the penetration of things into your skin you really need to look what is in the scrub you are using and what you apply to your skin afterwards.

Salt (without any extra chemicals) and finely ground oatmeal seem to be the best options if you feel like you need a gentle scrub. Suvi Kunnari from Flow Cosmetics recommended to use either organic olive oil or their red clay mask as the base of the exoliating scrub and simply mix either pure salt or oatmeal in it. I opted for the oatmeal-olive oil mix. I mixed the oil and oatmeal together in a blender to make sure I get the oats really fine. Then I just simply massaged my face gently with my DIY scrub avoiding the eye area and concentrating on the T-zone. I rinsed my face and neck with warm water and patted it gently with a soft cotton towel.

diy home spa

3. Moisturizing face mask

While visiting the Flow Cosmetics Factory I was introduced to their pink natural clay mask. It is made from pure clay and it is in a powder form and you need to mix little water in it before applying it on your face. The mask can be used either as a cleansing instead of a exoliating scrub or moisturizing mask. Suvi from Flow recommended that I mix a little bit of their face oil and avocado to the mask to create a moisturizing mask and that’s what I did.

I mixed first a tablespoon of the pink clay powder with few drops of water to get a sort of runny consistency. Then I added few drops of their cloudberry oil that includes the very beneficial argan oil. Finally I added a tablespoon of fresh organic avocado and mashed it together with the clay-oil-water mixture. After having a smooth paste I applied it on my face and neck and let it absorb for 15 minutes. I just laid on the couch with few slices of cucumber on my eyes while my kids were laughing at me. Once the 15 minutes were up I rinsed my face with water and padded it gently with a soft cotton towel.

diy home spa

4. Moisturize

Last step of my DIY spa routine is to moisturize the skin. Before I have used an amazing face oil from RMS called the beauty oil. It absolutely makes your skin glow and look awesome without creating that gross feeling that products made from chemicals and mineral oils make you feel added to the fact that these bad oils clog your pores. I have been in the favour of the oils since I have realized that 100% organic face creams do not exist simply because of the fact that they need something to keep them fresh.

Now my RMS oil had run out so this time I tried the products I got from flow cosmetics. After the mask I sprayed some Rose water on my face and finalized the spa treatment with the same cloudberry oil I used in the mask. They also have a fab rose hip oil that I have tried. It is great if you have a sensitive skin.

Once my DIY spa treatment for the face was done my face felt super smooth, glowing and well moisturized. This experiment confirmed that I have found awesome pure and organic products to complete my skin care routine. There is no going back to the chemical filled cosmetics now, I am totally in love with these products.




If you are interested in reading more about the topic check out my personal blog C’est La Veera to find out tips about how to detoxify your beauty regime, DIY beauty treatments and beauty routines with good quality beauty routines. You don’t have to worry about reading the labels, I will do it for you! :)

For ordering the flow cosmetics products in Finland you can check out their website. International orders and inquiries contact [email protected]

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