Beauty tips: Make-up removal without chemical filled products

For almost a year now I have been more and more interested in organic beauty products. While I have been writing my blog I have been getting to know the cosmetic industry better. It seems shocking that with closer examination the skin care products that are sold at spa’s and supermarkets are packed with harmful chemicals and preservatives. Big cosmetic brands advertise how their product make you look, short-term. But nobody talks about how they make you feel and what are the long-term impacts. Cosmetic companies do not seem to have a heavy conscience at all over the fact that they actually cause sever illnesses to people with the products they manufacture. It’s just all about the money.

Until I started reading the labels and looking into the products I have blindly believed that all the ingredients in the skin care industry are safe for people. I also thought the cosmetic companies manufacturing the products are making their products while looking after my best interest. Now I have learned that they cover their labels with words like “hypo-allergenic”, “natural” and “ph balance” while these things actually do not tell anything about the quality of the product.

Even buying organic beauty products can be tricky because the rules and regulations between different countries are a bit different. In some countries you are allowed to call a product organic if even only one of the ingredients in the product is organic. In order for you to find out if you are really buying good quality products you need to study the ingredient list in the package.

While visiting a spa in Helsinki, Finland I got to know an organic skin care line called Flow Cosmetics that I had not heard about before. I did some reading about the company and how they manufacture their products and I was very impressed about the quality. This brand really seemed to have a desire to produce good quality skin care products with pure ingredients without chemicals. From Flow Cosmetics skin care products I was able to find pure organic products for my make-up removal regime.

These are the products I used:


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I first washed my face with their clay and herb facial soap and wiped the make-up off with cotton pads. I sprayed a Rose facial water all over my face and neck after drying my face. I finished the skin cleaning with Rose hip face oil. My face felt super moisturized and glowing. I completely fell in love with these products!

Tip:  You can clean your face first with a cotton pad dipped in organic cold pressed coconut or olive oil. Mascara and all kind of waterproof make-up comes off instantly when you wipe your face with these oils. In order to avoid too oily feeling on your skin you can then wash your face with the facial soap from flow cosmetics.

If you are afraid that the oil is not a good option for you since it might clog your pores or because you already have an oily skin, I would recommend you to try it anyways. Based on what I have read and talked with people in the cosmetic industry I would dare to claim that it is not any kind of oil that clogs your pores. Cosmetic products are full of synthetic oils like mineral oil and petrolateum. These are the oils that cause breakouts and clog your pores. When using the good quality natural oils the skin gets the missing nutrients from these oils and takes in as much as it needs so you don’t need to be worried if the product is too moisturizing.

If you are interested to read more about the topic check out my personal blog C’est La Veera to find out tips about how to detoxify your beauty regime, DIY beauty treatments and beauty routines with good quality beauty routines. You don’t have to worry about reading the labels, I will do it for you! 🙂

For ordering the flow cosmetics products in Finland you can check out their website. International orders and inquries contact [email protected]

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“Beauty tips: Make-up removal without chemical filled products”
  • I live in the United States in Rowlett TX
    I have been using coconut on my skin and for my teeth for a year now. You are so right it is perfect for taking off makeup. How can I buy the face soap and the rose oil and other products?.
    Thank you,
    Marvie cauffman
    Rowlett Tx

  • Hi Marvie and thanks for the comment! Since you are in the US the best way for you to order the flow cosmetics items is to send them an e-mail [email protected]. and ask about the order process. You can say that you got the info from me. They are in the process of setting up english website and international oredering through their website so I think this is the best way to do the order at least for now. That’s what I have been doing while I’m not in Finland.

    RMS beauty (US based company) has a great face oil that you can order online from their website, so if you are interested check that out as well! It’s awesome. They also have great make-up products so it’s def worth checking up their website as well.

    I’m posting once a week organic beauty tips on my blog so if you are interested check that out and if you are a facebook user like my page on facebook (, that way you’ll get updates once I have new posts up on my website.

    Always love to hear feedback, comments, questions so keep them coming! 🙂