Potato and Lingonberry Pastries

I needed to come up with a recipe for a recipe competition last month organised by Cono Sur Nordic. We could choose our main ingredient from the following list: salmon, lamb, potato or apple. We were meant to design a Scandinavian / Nordic dish for the competition and I think I did pretty well! This dish is either a salty appetizer or a cocktail bite, but you can also serve it as a salty dessert.

Potato and Lingonberry

Potato and lingonberry pastries

5 potatoes
2 dl (1 cup) milk
1/2-1 package soft goat cheese
salt and pepper
fresh thyme
1-2 dl (approx. 1 cup) fresh lingonberries
1/2 dl (approx. 1 cup) sugar

Peel and cut the potatoes into big chunks and cook the potatoes in salt water until they are done.

Pour the boiling water away and mash the potatoes. Add heated milk and mash until the mash forms a smooth potato puré. Last, add the soft goat cheese. Season with salt, black pepper and with a spoonful of butter.

Mash the lingonberries with a fork and add sugar.

Take a spoonful of mashed potatoes and lift the spoonful on a baking sheet. You need two spoonfuls per pastry. Bake the small patties for about 15 minutes in 200 C until the patties are golden brown.

Then let patties cool a bit before serving them.

Fill the patties with lingonberry mash and garnish with fresh thyme.


If you would like to vote for this delicious pastry in the competition and send me with my dish to the competition finale in Stockholm (the Grand Prize is a trip to Chile and Cono Sur wineyards), you can do so until 11.10.2013 here. Thank you everyone for your votes in advance!

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“Potato and Lingonberry Pastries”
  • Hi Anne,

    How do we vote for you once we click on “here” ? Unfortunately, I don’t understand the language on the website but want to support you in the competition.



  • Hi Lisa, thank you for your comment.

    Unfortunately they only have the pages in Finnish and Swedish, but I’ll help you 🙂

    After you click “here” a page opens where you can see the recipe picture and the actual recipe in Finnish.

    Below the header there is a square, dark violet box on the left side which says “äänestä ja voita” which means vote and win (they have a giveaway raffle for all the voters). Click the box.

    After that a dialog box opens.

    First line is NIMI, which means you type in your name
    Second line is EMAIL, there you type in your e-mail address

    Last, click the square, grey box on the right side which says “ÄÄNESTÄ” which means vote.

    Done 🙂 sounds a bit complicated, but should only take you a couple of minutes.

    And THANK YOU for voting, Lisa!