Björk’s Mutual Core nominated at the UK Music Video Awards 2013

Björk’s music video for Mutual Core directed by Andrew Thomas Huang has received two nominations at the UK Music Video Awards 2013, one is for Best Visual Effects in a Video and the second is for Best Art Direction & Design in a Video. The award ceremony will take place the 28th of October.

In “Mutual Core,” recorded by Björk for her seventh album Biophilia, the earth’s geology is a metaphor for human relationships. Eruptions and earthquakes, the building of continents, the formation of mountain ranges and oceanic trenches: all are powerful signs of the earth’s structure and mechanics. Represented musically by the violent interruption of block rocking beats, video director Andrew Thomas Huang here depicts the push and pull of tectonic plates with anthropomorphized rocks, lava and sand encircling Björk in dance, their psychedelic innards resembling the frayed strands of a Fritz Haeg rug.”