Stockholm Fashion Week – Carin Wester SS14

Carin Wester SS14 collection is named “El romancero gitano” and is described as a tribute to the latin woman, “reinterpreted and mixed-up with a minimalistic touch”.  The latin influences can be seen in a flamenco like printed dress with a beautiful open back and in the white roses that the models are wearing or carrying.  There is both black and white lace and a graphic lace like print but it’s never too sweet or sexy. The hairstyles are long and wavy but a little messed up. The collection has this perfect combination of hard and soft, feminine and masculine that is characteristic for Carin Wester. She really knows how to combine the romantic and the tough, by pairing a broad shouldered blazer with a short flouncy skirt, or by contrasting a black and white lace-like print with an oversized apricot-pink bomberjacket. The colors are mostly grey, black and white with a hint of apricot.

For this collection Carin Wester has collaborated with Swedish shoe makers Gram and presented chunky shoes and flat sandals with heavy chain applications, that look really good combined with a romantic white lace dress. Bags are made together with leather manufacturer Adax.

Carin Wester launched her brand in 2003 and has since been known for androgynous shapes and a playful expression. The philosophy is to dress women with sharpness and attitude and this collection fulfills this ambition with dash. Swedish magazine Rodeo called it a middle-collection and weren’t very enthusiastic but I loved it. I have already put a lot of styles on my spring wish-list.

carinwester0 carinwester1 carinwester2 carinwester3 carinwester4 carinwester5 carinwester6

Photos by Kristian Löverborg

See the whole collection here.