Interesting Icelandic graduates: Part 1



Designer and illustrator Sigga Rún designed the book, Anatomy of letters, as her final project at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. The book is a beautiful piece of art where the designer portrays the anatomy concept very literally. We had a few questions for Sigga Rún.

When and where did you graduate? I graduated from Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2012.

Can you tell us about your graduation project? My graduation project was the book Anatomy of Letters which describes five ancient letters that were used in Iceland in the years 1200 – 1900 and two other old letters that are almost solely used in the Icelandic language. The five ancient letters are unknown to most native Icelanders and the aim of this project was to awaken and increase general interest in letters.



Have you always been interested in letters? Typography is something I was introduced to during my education. A Hungarian designer, Lajos Major, managed to show me new ways to look at typography so I began experimenting with letters. To begin with, those experiments were filled with mistakes, but in a positive way and in time I found letters more and more interesting and by now they are my favorite subject, with endless possibilities. 

Do you have any upcoming projects you want to tell us about? After I graduated I kept on illustrating letters and in July 2013 I opened an exhibition at Spark | Design Space in Reykjavík where I show the bone structure of the whole Icelandic alphabet.

The exhibition Anatomy of Letters is open at Spark | Design Space in Reykjavik until the 30th of september 2013. You can also check out Sigga Rún’s website at