Copenhagen Fashion Week – Moonspoon Saloon SS14

The Moonspoon Saloon collections have much more to tell, then just presenting a new line of clothes. The fashion presentations held during Copenhagen Fashion Week are one of the most famous ones between the audience and there is no doubt about it, since the presentation turns into a true show, even a party. The title of the Spring/Summer 2014 collection is “Disco Oriental”  and the collection can be described in these four words: glitter, glamour, shining and colors. This being result of the amazing collaboration between fashion designer Sara Sachs and visual artist Evren Tekinoktay. The garments have eye-catching color combinations that quite frankly cannot really be found anywhere else, avant-garde unisex wedges, new prints and experimental textile techniques. The silhouettes included jumpsuits in short and long versions. The unique mixture of fabrics, create a strong graphical expression and mixed with all the glitter, it is the disco oriental calling. And as for the color choice the combination between peach gold, bright pink, silver and black with deep red, attracted the eye of the audience like a magnet.

Enjoy the NordicStyle must-have outfits:










Photo credit: Copenhagen Fashion Week

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“Copenhagen Fashion Week – Moonspoon Saloon SS14”