Maya Water Facial Mist


Norwegian Maya Gulbrandsen, is the founder of Maya Water Facial Mist. After working as a skin therapist and celebrity make-up artist for 25 years she got tired of searching for a facial mist that would satisfy the needs of herself and her clients, so she decided to make her own. Growing up around the Norwegian spring water, it was the obvious choice for a pure organic source to help combat dry skin. Maya Water Facial Mist can be used over make-up as well as products containing SPF without decreasing their effectiveness. It’s perfect for refreshing your skin during the day to help protect your skin against the drying effects of sunlight and air conditioning.


Maya Water Facial Mist comes in four different varieties, pure, organic white tea, organic white tea with goji berries and organic white tea with acai berries. It comes in two different sizes, 150 ml and 70 ml travel size. Ideal for those long flights. Visit Maya Water for more information.