Directors Cut with Thora Hilmarsdottir


In last Friday Fever I chose a song ‘Goda Nott’ by Samaris which is a beautiful and enchanting song. The music video for the song is no exception, I got in touch with the director Thora Hilmarsdottir and asked her a few questions:

How did your collaboration with Samaris come about?
I’m always on the look out for new and inspiring music to translate into a video, I came across Samaris and instantly fell in love with the music. I contacted them with the idea for this music video, they liked it so we met up and took it from there.

Where was it shot?
The video was shot in an old powerstation in Reykjavik, on Sólheimasandur and in The House Museum in Eyrarbakki.

Was there any particular inspiration for the music video ‘Goda Tungl’?
Not really one in particular, but I’m a bit fanatic about research and collecting references, maybe the one image who triggered the idea was an installation called Flowing water by Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota and is sort of a collage of beds going into the air, then I started to develop that into film language and went from there.

What was the idea behind ‘Goda Tugl’ script and what influenced your approach towards it?
The idea for the video was very simple; what if a whole town can’t sleep for some unexplainable reason. Then Jófríður the singer is in a sort of no man’s land singing them to sleep.  Me and the choreographer then started talking about movements and things you do when you are trying to go to sleep and built the choreography on that, especially the middle section of the video which could be translated into the state of being in between awake and sleep.

Any special projects in the making or something you are working on?
At the moment I’m in the editing room with a short film called SUB ROSA that I recently directed, I got top crew to work on that with me and a known English actress, Prunella Scales to act in it. The film is an Icelandic/English production all shot on location in East London. It’s a very exciting project and we aim to send it to festivals this fall.

Where could people contact or follow you?
I’m on TWITTER and I have a VIMEO site;