Up The Wooden Hills wants you to be content

Lisa Marie Andersson, the designer behind small Swedish fashion label Up The Wooden Hills describes herself as in idealist. Since she started her label three and a half years ago she has never lost her original vision: everything shall be produced locally and of the finest quality fabrics. When other companys strive to conquer the world, Lisa’s goal is to keep it small and personal. Her dream is to work like an old couture house, with customers visiting to take measurements and then produce to order. But, it is not supposed to be luxury goods. The collections consists mostly of affordable, cute but simple dresses in lovely liberty prints. She wants to make clothes for everyday life, and she is not dreaming of getting rich, she wants to change the way people consume.

– I think we need to get away from the “news every day” way of thinking. We have to think about the earth as well, she says and explains that the custom to make two, or even four collections every year that most brands abides to, is not for her. She wants to get away from the division of clothes into old and new. She might do one or two collections per year, but not following the seasons. Since her style is very coherent and doesn’t stick to trends she sees no reason to follow the seasonal habits of the fashion world. Many of her styles re-appear from collection to collection, in a new fabric or with a slight change.

– I only sell through my own webshop and it was when I realized that people bought from all the collections that I decided to work this way. I work with themes instead of seasons.

The name of the new collection is Take me to The Hamptons, and it’s inspired by the luxury seaside resort, the beach, the beautiful houses and the beautiful people, but with a hint of decay.

– Grey Gardens, the documentary about the Grey sisters who live in this beautiful house that is falling apart, inspires me a lot, it offsets the feeling of the polished and overblown.

When Lisa decided to make sewing into a job she felt she needed another hobby, and started to fold origami.

-It was a kind of therapy and i started to make more and more intricate patterns and foldings. One day I sat by the computer, just repeating triangles and it became such a beautiful pattern. I printed it and started to fold into an origami shape. I realized I could do my own patterns and made an origami and paper collection.

When selling her dresses at a local design market Lisa brought her papers, origami balls and cranes, and she sold out quickly. She gave it a try online and now the paper collection is a doing really well. Hopefully it will become a more steady income which is something she’s been lacking for a while.

– Being an idealist in the fashion business isn’t easy, I realize that. When I started I was inspired by a few other brands that worked the same way as I do, but they have all put their businesses aside because it was too hard. But I want to think that it’s possible. I just want to reach a pleasent level of work and leisure. Overall people work too much and there is a tendency in society to never ever be satisfied. I would like to change that.

The new collection will soon be released, if you want to know when, follow Lisa’s blog here, or if you can’t wait for the new collection, shop the old ones here.


All pictures taken by Lisa Marie Andersson upthewoodenhills.blogspot.se/