Top 5 Make-up Tips by Celebrity Make-up Artist Natasha Smee

While I was in New York I had the privilege to meet up with the very fascinating and amazing person: Natasha Smee. Natasha is a Finnish celebrity make-up artist working in New York, sharing her home between Helsinki and New York. She was busy getting Lily Cole ready for the Met Gala but she was able to squeeze in a meeting with me. YAY!!  I had such a great time with her and she was kind enough to share some tips and tricks about make-up.

Natasha’s TOP 5 Make-up tips!

1. When you are applying foundation, really take time to work it in the skin. The better the foundation is absorbed to your skin, the longer your make-up will last.

2. Raw coconut oil is great for removing make-up. You will get rid of even eye make-up easily in an instant and you won’t be left with racoon-look even though you’d had super dark smokey make-up on. It’s also nice because it doesn’t have any chemicals in it. Remember to buy it in a dark tinted glass bottle! This way you will ensure that the oil will stay better longer.

3. When you are curling your eyelashes, take a grip in the very root of the lashes. Instead of continuously holding the curler in for few seconds, squeeze and release the curler while counting to ten (=squeeze the curler for 10 times). So you are sort of creating this pumping movement with the curler. You will get an amazing curl in your lashes by doing this!

4. When applying foundation you can use two different foundations. Combining for example lighter texture one with a thicker one can get just the perfect kind of foundation. Remember also to mix and match with colours! Be creative!

5. Moisturizing your skin well before putting make-up on is key for getting your make-up to look good. Remember to avoid the eyelids though! For example with Clinique’s Superdefense moisturizer your skin is going to have a very smooth feel to it and you will have easy time working the foundation on it. Natasha loves organic cosmetics so she would recommend RMS beauty oil. It’s an awesome product to apply under your make-up.

I loved all the tips I got from Natasha! After my meeting with her, I had to try the eye curling thing right away and it really worked. I could tell a huge difference on how my lashes normally look like. Also I had never thought about combining foundations with different textures, need to try that as well. I have actually removed my make-up with the oil before and that really works. Can’t imagine using anything else, after trying it. It gets all the make-up off so easily! I also prefer organic products and I was happy to get introduced with this new beauty product brand RMS beauty. They actually have several locations all over the world and they deliver also internationally so even if the brand is new to you as well you should be able to purchase their products.

You can read the entire interview with Natasha in our upcoming June issue!


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“Top 5 Make-up Tips by Celebrity Make-up Artist Natasha Smee”
  • Combining foundations is how I get the best finish. It’s really amazing. You have to try several times before you get it right though.
    Here’s another website about celebrity foundation tips
    Hope you like it :).

    Xx Lucy

  • Hi Veera,
    Nice to read that you are a fan of RMS Beauty! I am now launching rms Beauty in the Nordic countries and I’d like to send you some products for you to review if you send me an adress! 🙂

    Best regards,