Skabt – a design collective in Copenhagen

Looking good and being fashionable is definitely made easy by Skabt, a collective store operated by 12 designers in Copenhagen, Denmark. The designers are relatively unknown to the masses and the variety of products range from accessories to clothes at various price scales. At Skabt, both men and women can surely get dressed from top to toe. The prices vary from the cheapest jewelry, which costs around 10 dollars, to the dresses, which can reach up to 400 dollars.

Among the designers in Skabt are the following: Jack of all Arts, creator of whimsical bracelets; HunBjorn, designer of fashionable tops for men and women; [Sj’ok] Cph, that specializes in colourful clothing; Tøjten, maker of hand-printed totebags; Pia Andersen Smykker, maker of handmade jewelry; Sara Steen, a designer who combines graphic design with classic design to make an elegant yet unceremonious clothes; Art for the Common Man, designer of t-shirts, hoodies and underwear; PrettyUgly, designer of accessories that are meant to stand on their own; Rahbek, designer of classic clothes with an “Individualism” theme; ASFALT, designer of modern clothes; Sarah Louborg; and Lsjatblaa.

Below are some examples of the designs but nothing beats visiting the shop, you might just find what you are looking for. Address: Istedgade 83, 1650 Copenhagen.


H ú n B j ö r n


Sara Steen


Sarah Louborg

Pretty Ugly





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