Trend Report: Neon

“Neon” includes all vivid colours, which are either fluorescent in the night or eye-popping during the day. This trend is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. The flashy colours can be embraced either from head to toe or subtly through a hint of neon. And even though, we see colours everywhere on the street and catwalks, neon is for the daring fashion lovers. This trend was present during the Fashion Weeks at names such as, Simone Rocha, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors and many others. The thing with the bright colours is that they are not only present on runway shows, they are influential in make-up. hair-styling, sportswear and interior design. And besides the fact that this trend started in the 80’s it is still “in fashion”. So, no matter what style you prefer, you should always have at least one piece of accessory, like a necklace that is flashing in your wardrobe.

Here are our suggestions with some Scandinavian neon:

1 – Monki – Monki Iphone Case
2 – Mimic Copenhagen – Big PVC Clutch
3 – H&M – Body Spray Mandarin Citrus
4 – H&M – Pumps
5 – Neon Living – Fox Box Green
6 – Pieces – Ginny Bag