New Talent: Caia of Sweden

Caia of Sweden is a Swedish brands focusing on accessories. The designer behind the label is Caisa Leifsdotter Iversen, who’s inspired by raw leather the nature and her mothers vintage bags. Find our short interview with the designer followed by some sneak-peak pictures from shops and workplace.

Caia of Sweden

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What background do you have?

I’m From Sweden, west coast. I was raised in a family where the creativity was encouraged. My father is an architect and the whole family is a miss-match of carpenters, painters and artists. During my school years, the creative lessons were always my favourite ones. After a few years of art school and a final year of clothing design, I started my own label CAIA.

What or who inspired you to become a fashion designer?

The passion of vintage leather bags inspired me to work with leather. Create something which will be worn during the entire life cycle, and just become more and more beautiful.

When did you started designing under your own name? How did it all start?

I started in 2006, after some years of modelling and design studies. I just got fed up, and decided, now is the time to do something. Something from me to the world.

How would you define the style your collections represent?

The style is quite Scandinavian, focusing on practical details and quality. Genuine materials, with a great influence from different cultures.

Do you think introducing your brand as Swedish or Scandinavian to the global market gives you an advantage in any way?

I think Scandinavia has a good impression on the global market, where we often are associated with quality and design.

What are the next steps for you and your company?

We have started to grow and sell in several markets outside Scandinavia, so to maintain them and keep developing our design and branding is a big step forward. I have an vision on the concept sustainable shopping which I would like to develop, where each bag has a serial number and vintage value, if you purchase a new CAIA bag. This way that the names of the different owners can be written inside the bag. (For example: Owner 1; 2; etc) In that way you can upgrade your CAIA bag and the bag can create a small history of owners and only become better and better by time!”

Caia of SwedenCaia of SwedenCaia of SwedenCaia of Sweden

Images: Ditte Capion