MINK, the Zipper Necklace, handmade in Iceland



Accessories can make or break an outfit and in today’s time, we see a lot of creative accessories available. These are made of different materials and all that is needed is the vivid imagination of the creator. One of the necklaces available today are those made out of zippers under the name MINK. This line of necklaces are handmade by Gerdur Björk Wendel, an Icelander who makes necklaces as a hobby.

About two years ago, a thirty year old mom, who has a degree as a commercial pilot, started her own line of necklaces made out of zippers and called it MINK. She and her friend, Gudny Hrefna Sverrisdottir, got the idea from a magazine where they saw a woman who is wearing a necklace out of zippers. From then on, they started working with the zippers to create different necklaces of various styles. All of their products are hand sewn in Iceland, so potential owners of these statement necklaces are sure that time and effort is really given into each necklace.

It brings Gerdur happiness to see her works of art worn on TV or just while walking down the street. It is her customers that inspire her to devote more time into her hobby. At present, she is just creating necklaces out of the zippers but she plans to create other products as well out of zippers. Watch out for these new products in the near future. For those who want to purchase or take a closer look at the products, they can head on over to the design shop Hrím in Reykjavík and various cultural and tourist centres in Iceland. If you don’t happen to be in Iceland in the near future, not to worry, you can also check it out online; through the art shop nordicArtists.com and on MINK’s Facebook page.


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