Jewelry from Sari Isosomppi Design

Veera Toivanen on behalf of Nordic Style Magazine talked with Sari Isosomppi from Sari Isosomppi Design, a talented Finnish jewelry maker. She creates timeless, beautiful and simple pieces that all are handcrafted.

Sari designed her first piece in 2005. It was a silver ring with a black stone (picture below). The piece was very challenging for a beginner because the stone was not symmetrical but she was happy with the results and still uses the ring. Eight years later she runs her own successful jewelry business and keeps designing inspirational and good quality pieces.

She has always worked with jewelry and handcrafting and sort of slowly got turned into a fine jewelry maker and artisan that she is nowadays. “Being an artisan has always been fascinating to me,” tells Isosomppi. “I think it is interesting to see and experience what you can achieve by using different techniques and materials.”

Sari tells Nordic Style Magazine that designing a piece of jewelry is an extremely great and challenging process at the same time. Sometimes ideas just float to her and sometimes you have to really think and plan what you are going to do. “You might have to try out different techniques and see how they work with different materials.” Sari mostly uses sterling silver in her pieces but she also uses other materials like stones. “You need to look at your creation several times and think how could I do this differently. The piece of jewelry needs to look finished and resemble it’s creator, this entire creating process might take a few weeks.”

Sari gets most of her ideas for her pieces from song lyrics and movies especially for the pieces that have text. City life and nature are also central sources of inspiration. “Nature inspires me with its colors and shapes and cities with their roughness and ordinariness. An idea for my next jewel might dawn on to me anywhere or anytime.

Her latest jewelry line “PomPom” for the summer features rings, necklaces and ear rings with bright colors, unlike her earlier collections. Pieces are made with silver and glass pearls. Glass pearls for these jewels are completely hand made.  “It has been very refreshing to work with new colors and materials” states Sari.

Her next line features whole new materials accompanied with silver and it will reach the stores in the fall.

If you are interested in seeing more of her pieces you can check them out at her webpage or find her  facebook site.

Below here you can see few of our favourite picks from her designs.

We will definitely keep following this designer!


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