In mood for: Where the wild things are

Many have seen the movie “Where the wild things are” and YES we liked it. Everyone of us dreams and lives in their own fantasy world and like to dream with open eyes. Let our imagination be welcome in our house and decorate our home with a few “wild things” that makes us feel comfortable and unique. Let us become the king of our own castle and run away into a fantasy world. Our suggestion is the Nordic way of imagining and arriving home to the place where we are allowing the fantasy to be present. So, feel free to open up and if you did not watch the movie “Where the wild things are”, explore it!

Where the wild things are


1 – ByNord – Duvet Cover Sheep

2 – Solo – Sintering Chair + Pleasure

3 – Rikki Tikki – Thermal Mug with Silver Design

4 – Menu – Jewelry Tree

5 – Marimekko – Karkutiellä Suitcase

6 – Marimekko – Tuuli Pillow