Huset – The house for Scandinavian design in L.A.

Since 2007 Holly Hallberg has been making Scandinavian design available for Americans through her online store After falling in love with all things Scandinavian, including Swedish husband Per Hallberg, Holly now owns and manages one of the most authentic stores for Scandinavian design in the US. Huset, meaning the house in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish, is home to all things for modern Scandinavian living. You find established Scandinavian brands, both modern and more classic ones, such as Gustavsberg, Hay, Marimekko, Ittala, Molo and Stelton.

First only available for online purchases, Huset now also has a store front in Venice, California. I was curious to find out more about the store and get Holly’s opinion on Scandinavian design. Also, after finding out her husband is originally from Borgholm, situated on one of Sweden’s most beautiful islands, Öland, I couldn’t resist asking her for some restaurant tips as Öland is definitely on my travel list.

OYOY Circus cushion in pink.

Holly was sweet enough to answer these questions for us at Nordic Style Magazine.

Scandinavian design, was it love at first sight? It actually was, the first time I went to Sweden with my then boyfriend, I was easily smitten by the beautiful cleanliness and gorgeous simplicity of this whole new (to me) design.

In your opinion, how does modern Scandinavian interior design differ from contemporary American design? I think that American design is such a mixture of so many things as we are still a relatively new country, we still borrow from others with our design influences, France, Britain, Asia, etc. It’s an eclectic mix of different pieces that end up looking very American in the mix, but Scandinavian design is much more established as it’s own and has been for quite awhile. The reasons behind some of Scandinavia’s designs makes complete sense within their culture, climate and the way they decorate their homes.

Why do you think Americans are interested in Scandinavian design? Scandinavian modern design is something relatively new and very fresh, thus very appealing to Americans. It’s hard not to find the natural woods, colors and simplicity of Scandinavian design extremely beautiful.

About A Chair by Hay.

Do you have a favorite Nordic place? My husband and I have a small summer house on Öland, a small island off the South-Eastern coast of Sweden. I love it there.

Three favorite items from your shop for this summer? All the new pieces from new Danish brand OYOY, HAY’s new summer collection and Asplund’s Tati Series of furniture.

Asplund Tati console table.

Can you tell us about your collaboration project with Fideli Sunqvist and Designista? Hmmmm, interesting that you know about that! Fideli, Marta (of Designista) and I had collaborated on a series of Ceramic canisters. We still may move forward with it, but at the moment, it is on the back burner. The canisters are lovely and Fideli has done an incredible job with the design graphics. It was to be a very interesting collaboration, as it was two retailers that came together and had a design concept and through a infusion of Fidelis work it was to be something quite unique. One retailer from Sweden the other from the U.S. coming together to create something new. It was a great idea, but since then Marta has gone on to work with DesignTorget, so I’m not sure how it will go forward. Time will tell! : )

Do you have a favorite restaurant in your husbands hometown, Borgholm? Hotel Borgholm with Karin Fransson is wonderful, but actually we love to make our own food most nights, or we head over to friends houses when we’re in Sweden. There is something super special about being away but being home at the same time, and if the weather is behaving, we love to sit outside and watch the midnight sun go across the sky and drink wine and have great food. No need to feel rushed and we can stay there for hours and hours.

All images from Huset.