Event: Claire Aho – Studio Works at The Photographers’ Gallery in London

Claire Aho, 87, is considered the pioneer of Finnish editorial photography. Now it is possible to see Aho’s magnificent works at The Photographers’ Gallery in London. The exhibition focuses on Aho’s studio works from 1950s till 1970s.

Aho was born in Finland in 1925 and got her first camera at the age of ten. This very talented, visionary woman is a grand daughter of another two talented Finnish artists: famous writer Juhani Aho and painter Venny Soldan-Brofeldt.

Aho started her career in 1940s. She was known as a very innovative photographer and the colorful, lively and sometimes even amusing poses she captured were new in the field of editorial photographing at the time. Not to mention the fact that the photographer was a woman. Most of her works Aho did for leading Finnish lifestyle magazines, such as Suomen Kuvalehti and Avotakka.

Aho currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She’s retired but still continues photographing.

Claire Aho: Studio Works exhibition is available at The Photographers’ Gallery until 21st of July.

All photos by Claire Aho.