ACNE Studios presents the second photography book celebrating the Rodeo

Today ACNE Studios is known as the masters of cutting-edge cool, as well as for its jeans and Pistols boots. However, the Swedish fashion brand represents much more to the industry. The well-known ACNE Paper, published twice a year, celebrates not only fashion, but also music, cinema, architecture and design. The first published photography book by ACNE entitled “Snowdon Blue” was celebrated as success last year and now the company presents the second book. The 190-page volume is a collection of male nude photos by America’s most prolific photographer, Bruce Bellas, better known as Bruce of Los Angeles. The theme of the book American cowboys in Arizona, California and Oregon, being the behind-the-scenes shots of Bruce in the time period of 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. The book is curated by renowned American photography writer and critic, Vince Aletti. Printed in limited edition of 500, out of these 20 being signed by Vince Aletti for sale exclusively at ACNE Studios. Here you can shop the book and Rodeo accessories.

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All images: ACNE Studios