Trendy Bikes

If you ever visit one of the Scandinavian countries, the first thing you will notice when entering the city is the enormous amount of bikes. The Nordic people love to ride during the sunny days, but also during the rainy ones. They prefer to enjoy the fresh air and to support the eco lifestyle. Of course, they are the typical alike looking bike, but we, fashion lovers, love to stand out from the crowd and why not do that with trendy bikes also? The Scandinavian bike brands try to make the bikes look as unique as possible and the best thing to do is to get them personalized.

Here are a few suggestions, which are available online:

trendy bikesKria Cycles – Daily 3 DLX

Kria Cycles – Geysir Custom Bike


Kildemoes – City Butterfly

Pilen Bikes – Pilen Sport

Tulos Bicycles – Kaffir the Lime

Helkama Bikes – Saana 7 gears