Reindeer Stew with Frozen Lingonberries

This is a traditional dish from Lapland, Finland. It is very easy to make and great dish for anybody who loves game meat.

You will need:

500 g Reindeer roast (cut in thin ~ 1-2 mm slices)

100 g  Bacon (or deer’s own fat)

2-3 dl Beer

1/2 tsp Ground pepper

Salt to taste

1. Chop the bacon in small slices and cook in a frying pan.

2. Add the meat and cook it for few minutes.

3. Add Beer, salt and pepper. Let it cook for ~ 15 minutes.

4. Serve with mashed potatoes and mashed lingonberries.

Few things that are good to know while cooking the reindeer or other game meat stew: The roast is easiest to cut in thin slices when it’s frozen. When it’s frozen you can simply carve the meat and this way you get the thinnest slices. You can use other parts of the deer as well. If you do so then I recommend cooking the stew slowly in a crock-pot or cast iron pan in an oven for few hours at 120°C. The difference between the parts is that some have more membranes and some parts don’t hold together that well when cooking. It’s good to add the beer, salt and pepper bit by bit and checking the flavour every now and then. Keep adding them until you have reached a flavour that you like.


recipe by: C’est La Veera

Silverware: Kultakeskus Chippendale designed in 1930. Available in Kultakeskus page or selected retailers.

Plate: Arabia “Maisema” designed in 1932 available in Vintage stores and online



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