Nordic Avant-Garde: BARBARA I GONGINI / COLLECTION 18 / AW13

Faroese designer Barbara I Gongini recently launched the Collection 18 /AW 13, at Copenhagen Fashion Week. And it is daring. Collection 18, offers BARBARA I GONGINI, THE BLACK LINE & BARBARA I GONGINI MAN. An exciting launch as the MAN collection will be the first menswear capsule collection of its time and is naturally an extension of the BARBARA I GONGINI design universe.

The collection theme uncovers a continuous presence of androgyny, minimalism, bravery & complex design elements, to demonstrate the connection between sustainability and functional shapes. It is simply Avant-Garde.

BARBARA I GONGINI has since its creation amazed the public with its characteristic Nordic signature of subtle yet complex designs.

The element of “cool & minimalistic” with the long life span of organic fabrics and multi-functional silhouette, the BARBARA I GONGINI designs are truly of a unique kind.


Check out BARBARA I GONGINI Collection 18, AW 13 on the runway.