Glorious day in Garden!

I met Jackie from Örebro, Sweden a couple of weeks ago. Jackie is something totally new and unique and comes in several colors, turquoise, pink, orange, brown, black and white ..and Jackie is a garden hose!

I thought oh, that’s a fun idea! Why hasn’t anyone done this before? Now when I come to think about it, why do our garden hoses always have to be just green?!

Well this Garden Queen is not the only beauty at the gardening market. Another company, also from Sweden, got my attention: Garden Glory! In their promotional ad features a luxurious woman holding a garden hose like a high-end purse! They made hoses even in golden color and you hang it from deer’s horns on the wall! Nozzles can be changed and it is possible to mix and match colors. This invention also got design price last year and was a success at the Formex fair in Stockholm.

How serious are you about your garden hose?

I’m kind of curious to know if this Swedish garden hose fashion is taking over the world? And what is coming next?

Images from Garden Glory and Jackie the Garden Queen.