Documentary: Diana Vreeland – The eye has to travel

Fashion Film Festival, or simply just FFF, was organised in Helsinki on 4th–7th of April. FFF presents films focusing on fashion and design and was collaborating this year with Season Film Festival.

On a gray Sunday afternoon I went to see a delightful documentary about Diana Vreeland, a magazine journalist and a fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar and later for Vogue. Diana Vreeland – The eye has to travel is directed by Lisa Immordino Vreeland, whose grandmother-in-law was the fashion legend Vreeland.

Vreeland (1903–1989) was known for her unique vision, something that was never seen or heard before at the time, early 1940s that is. With her self-taught skill and imaginative ideas Vreeland brought fantasy to fashion.

The documentary reveals intriguing details from the life of this very one of a kind, straightforward and quick-witted woman to whom fashion was more or less a lifestyle. Check out the trailer: