Do you know your ABC’s?

Using the alphabet on the walls of your home can be both beautiful and educational. What’s not to love? Below are my favorite ideas for using the alphabet to decorate your home.

A different take on the alphabet poster. Beautifully abstract, Alphabet by Leise Dich Abrahamsen.

Since having lived in Sweden for three years, Swedish is my absolute favorite language. This poster reminds me of how beautiful the Swedish language sounds. You think I’m crazy? Go live in Sweden. Swedish alphabet poster by Ikea.

The original Design Letters. Available in six colors and perfect for writing your child’s name to mark their door.


More of the Swedish alphabet. You can put it up as it is or use the postcards separately. Swedish alphabetic postcards by the talented Therese Sennerholt.

Kids melamine set in typography by Arne Jacobsen. By Design Letters.





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“Do you know your ABC’s?”