Event: “Norah Jones and Janelle Monáe went to a Finnish sauna”

Located in New York tomorrow?

Finnish musician Anni Mattila will be performing with a band at Ivana Helsinki store in New York tomorrow at 5pm, 251 Elizabeth st., New York. Anni has been described as “Norah Jones and Janelle Monáe went to a Finnish sauna.” This is an event where Nordic music, fashion, technology, and booze meets!

Anni represents the fresh nordic spirit combined with cosmopolitan attitude. Her warm, elastic voice invites listeners on a fun and exciting journey. The peculiar style of songwriting combines old school jazz and hip hop with urban storytelling.

Anni’s curious attitude towards everyday life is the engine of her inspiration. Her songs are tiny stories about shoes, coffee, cell phones and paintings, opening up to a whole new level once you listen more carefully.

The event is here.

Featured image is from Anni’s website here.