Diary: From the set of our Icelandic fashion spread

Diary by Kári Sverriss, photographer.

07:00 The alarm wakes me up, it is the day of the shoot, the preparation for the editorial has been going on for a couple of weeks.

I am so lucky to have very talented people working with me, so I wake up feeling confident and excited for the day. The weather here in Iceland can change every five minutes, I look outside my window and the weather is promising so we have everything going for us.

09:00 I have had a good breakfast, a cup of coffee and prepared all my gear, the models and the crew start to arrive and the preparation – hair and makeup is in full action.

I start to see the vision coming alive before me, and it makes me more excited to go on set and start shooting. We got a lot of nice clothes and shoes, great models and crew. We start discussing the day and preparing us for the day ahead and make sure that we all understand each other so we can all aim for the same results.

11:00 We head to the location; on location a strong fish smell welcomes us. The location is about 40 minutes drive from Reykjavík. No houses, just us and the fish on set.

We start setting the gear up for first set and about an hour later we start to shoot, in this “foreign” place. It doesn’t take a long time until we are all in the mood and the vision is coming alive.

Everything goes smooth. The clothes are beautiful; Nordic fashion brands, nice patterns, subtle but strong makeup and hair makes a good combo for this day.

14:00 We have been shooting for about three hours, the hunger starts to set in and we take a break for lunch, we have a good chat, listen to good music and enjoy the short time on a brake until we start shooting again. The winter has arrived in Iceland, which means we only have daylight for a couple of hours more so no time for hanging around. We mean business and all of us are on the same boat to do our best and produce some amazing photos.

17:00 We are almost done shooting, we have two outfits left for each model and we still have the light outside, the team has done a great job and it is fantastic that we all contribute good things to the shoot. I believe in listening to my team, and that we all have something good to bring to the shoot.

We finish, this day has been awesome, I smell like fish! We shot all the outfits, everyone is happy and tired. We start packing around 18:30 and leave the location with the feeling that Nordic fashion has been captured in a cool location in Iceland. Flipping through the photos at the end of day, makes me feel that the vision is there.