Samuji receives Golden Hanger fashion design award

Samuji was today awarded the Finnish fashion design industry’s Golden Hanger Award. The award is presented annually at the Helsinki Fashion Fair. Samuji has received a lot of attention internationally this year and in 2012 the number of retailers stocking Samuji has more than doubled. Samuji is now stocked about 40 retailers from Tokyo to Milan, London to New York and Los Angeles to Moscow.

The Golden Hanger Award jury states:

“Samuji stands for quality, is internationally successful and modern. Samuji has attracted interest both internationally and in Finland and the jury considers it to have significant further growth potential.

Samu-Jussi Koski, the Founder and Creative Director of Samuji, has a distinct individual style and vision that he applies to his design work. Koski takes a genuine interest in his customers and considers their needs in all aspects of his design work.

Samu-Jussi Koski’s way of working is characterized by ambitious goal-setting and courage. He is considerate in what he does and always strives for excellency.”