Favorite blogger outfits of the week

We love to read blogs, so we decided to recap on some of the best outfits we saw this week.

Blogger: Jenni Rotonen, blog: trendi.fi/blogi/pupulandia, image: from Jenni’s blog.

Blogger: Pattra Sriyanonge, blog: trendnet.is/pattras, image: from Pattra’s blog.

Blogger: Angelica Blick, blog: nyheter24.se/modette/angelicablick, image: from Angelica’s blog.

Blogger: Trine Kjær, blog: trineswardrobe.dk, image: from Trine’s blog.

Blogger: Sandra Hagelstam, blog: 5inchandup.blogspot.com, image: from Sandra’s blog.

Blogger: Christina Dueholm, blog: passionsforfashion.dk, image: from Christiana’s blog.

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