October – Breast Cancer Awareness

Today the Cancer funds across the globe start their pink ribbon campaigns. In Sweden the House of Dagmar had the opportunity to design the 2012 edition of the ribbon. Following previous designers Per Holknekt and Lena Philipsson (2011), Liselotte Watkins (2010), Gert Wingårdh (2009), Ingegerd Råman (2008), Lars Wallin (2007) och Carin Rodebjer (2006) the House of Dagmar felt very honored.

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“There’s so many people that gets affected by breast cancer every year, not only the women that sickens but also their friends and family. It’s a disease that concerns all of us and we take great responsibility and honor in designing the Pink Ribbon of 2012″ – Karin Söderlind, Dagmar.

The House of Dagmar was launched 2005 by the three sisters Kristina Tjäder, Sofia Wallenstam and Karin Söderlind. Their muse and inspiration source had always been their grandmother, Dagmar, who passed away from cancer. She was a seamstress who encourage and developed the sisters passion for design and textiles.


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House of Dagmar has also designed a small collection that consist of 5 products where 10 % of the sales value goes to cancer research. The collection will be sold at Åhléns, Aplace, NK, Nelly.com and Thernlunds.

Images from Cancerfonden and House of Dagmar.