Fotografiska Museum launched F1-6 Music Club

The Fotografiska museum in Stockholm launched a new “monumental music club” called F1-6 Music club, that’s going to be held 6 times between the end of September to April with a premier on the 29th of September. Some of our time best artists within house, disco and electronic music will be playing. Fotografiska’s first club ever will have guests from Brooklyn, Berlin, New Jersey, Birmingham and Oslo.

The club has two dance floors with the possibility to make room for 1200 people. They will also work together with Joel Dittrich, teacher at Berghs SoC and Forsbergs regarding lights and audiovisuals. Projections will be filling the walls surrounding the dance floor. The club will be a forum for audio and visual art where different artists are given the opportunity to interpret the music.

– We want to create an extension of Fotografiska as an international role model. Becoming the dance floor that our peers in clubs in London, Berlin and New York is inspired by when they will arrange parties – influenced by the Stockholm mood and atmosphere. We know that many prominent artists love to come to the capital of Sweden – and with F 1-6, we want to make this year’s best club, says Mattias Hedlund, one of the organizers who also emphasizes that in addition to three international artists each evening will also be highlighted with some smaller, promising Swedish artists.

F 1-6 is a corporation between Fotografiska and Segren Hedlund Höistad.