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Weekend, Again

Oh dear, I’m not sure if I should say this. But I just feel like the weekends occur so often… Like as if there are more weekends than weekdays. Anywhosi, not complaining! This weekend has been incredibly gray and dull – weatherwise. Socialwise, I’ve managed to spend time with some of my best friends over lunch and dinner, shoot some looks for you guys and Instagram. Plus, of course, a

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Greta Salóme | A String of Fresh Sound

Combining her fiery violin skills and unique voice, Greta Salóme is a singer/songwriter who defines her music as being a fusion of the pop/folk/indie genres. This summer, Greta Salóme released a new single called “ROW” along with a stunning music video shot in her home country, Iceland. The video features Iceland’s fierce and dramatic nature, emphasizing the song and its message. Having represented Iceland twice in the Eurovision Song Contest

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I Ended Up in a Chinese Fashion Magazine

Hi! So here’s something exciting that happened the other day. Weird, but exciting. I got an Instagram notification when I sat in class, listening to a discussion on slave narratives from the 18th century Jamaica. It was a direct message from one of my followers, Shen, who by the way is the best because he is always commenting on my Youtube videos. Anyway, he sent a screenshot from a Chinese

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Denim Dreams

Hey! Monday, new week, new possibilities. LOL. Sorry, this might be a bit blunt. But why on earth would you need a new week to get new possibilities? They occur every minute of every day, from the moment you wake up. Make the most of it people! I wanted to show you this photo that I posted on Instagram last week. I’m in love with these jeans from the Norwegian brand

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