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I Need Your Help!

Hey! A little update from the life I call my own. I’m studying like a crazy person, which means I’m watching hours and hours of Youtube and eats a lot of popcorn. I took a break, though, last Friday, and met my friend Hampus for some amazing Korean food. Afterwards, he took me to an amusement arcade where we spent hours staring at colorful and loud Japanese games before we

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Puka Wear – Mozambique, Sweden and India in Perfect Harmony

Who doesn’t practice yoga these days? Almost, everyone does. What some people may not know though, is that yoga is about more than stretch poses and sun salutations. It’s a peaceful way of life where core individuality is something to embrace and cherish. A practice that sees value in the natural, simple and organic. The idea behind Puka Wear came when the founder, Maya Santimano went to a yoga class and

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Supermarket x The Blonde Salad

Swedish sunglasses brand Supermarket has teamed up with none other than the queen of fashion; Chiara Ferragni, from The Blonde Salad. It is on The Blonde Salads ‘upgraded’ site where you can shop the sunglasses. In December 2014, created by the siblings Filip and Petra Thoms, Supermarket saw its first daylight. The Stockholm-based brand presents carefully handmade sunglasses in high quality acetat – and offers luxury for a decent price. The multitalented siblings

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The Top 10 Best Dressed Nordic Bloggers

It is without a doubt a known fact that there exists a vast amount of bloggers here in the Nordic countries. We thought it was time that we sought out our favourites, the ones who we think have the style and flair that truly do stand out from the rest. 1. Mika Kailes (Finland) Mika is a Finnish born blogger and model currently living in Scotland. His style is dreamy, imaginative

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