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MUDAHULA | Wood, leather and seal skin

The Greenlander Anders Zeeb studied carpentry in Denmark and for years he has designed furniture and home accessories. He runs the company MUDAHULA as well as his own furniture shop in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. The furniture shops name? MUDAHULA. Zeeb’s designs are made for example of wood, leather and seal skin. His goal is to sell some of his design abroad. Anders Zeeb was born in a little

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A New Video

Yes! You read it. It’s time for a new video. This is my first video with the drone that I might have, maybe (accidentally) bought a few months ago. I was the kind of kid who never got one of those radio controlled cars, but aaaalways wanted one. So I guess this is for my 10-year-old self. You’re welcome. Thank you! Now, back to buzznyzz. I love linen in general

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Great Greenland | Fur of the Arctic

The high quality seal skins of Greenlandic fur house Great Greenland are used in the clothing industry as well as the furniture industry in many countries. The designers the company employs are on the other hand from Greenland and Denmark. „Since we have many different designs, we also have different styles,“ says the company’s CEO, Ditte Sorknæs. The fur house is actually like one big adventure where you can imagine

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Liisa Jokinen – The Godmother of Finnish Street Style

Helsinki may be better known for its cold winters and design, but thanks to Liisa Jokinen and her Street Style Blog Hel Looks it has become a Street Style Capital. Liisa Jokinen is not only the most succesful street style photographer to come out from Helsinki, but she also captured international attention over the years through publications like the Wall Street Journal, Vice Magazine and even Buzzfeed through Hel Looks. She has also

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